Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pre-Holiday Sale!

Save on magnets now through November 24!  Stuck Together Magnets make great stocking stuffers and gifts for teachers, co-workers, neighbors and friends. 

The early bird gets the ... magnets ;)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Always, Always, Always... Protect Your Brand!

Now that Stuck Together Magnets is steady rolling and has become my full time job, I have become very conscious of my brand and its place in the world.  It is a very tricky thing, building a brand.  It is so much more than buying a logo and slapping it on a business card.  It is a reputation built on a great product, stellar customer service, and constant progress and ambition. My brand is like my child.  I created it, brought it up through diapers (phew!), and now I am nurturing it as it grows up.   I am always thinking about my brand and always work to make sure that it is growing up to be a "good kid."

As a business owner, I pay a lot more attention to other brands and I am always surprised when I see a company seemingly blind to the damage they are doing to their names through neglect and poor customer service.  I am currently a customer of a group of people who are trying to build a brand.  I'm not naming names cause I am not that girl.... but... these people are stressing me out!  I want to write countless emails to the head of the company and tell him how much his brand suffers when things don't go as promised, products are not as advertised and customers are disrespected.  Why work so hard just to leave a bad taste in your customers' mouths when it is all said and done?  It is a hard thing to watch, but it makes me pay more attention to my own business practices.

I strive to always protect the brand I have built by being consistent, reliable and providing a product that people will come back for.  I am so proud of Stuck Together Magnets and I will always work hard to make sure it is a "good kid" with a happy Momma.  

Things you can do to protect your brand:

1.  Always respond to inquires in a timely manner.  Nothing pisses off a customer more than being ignored.

2.  Make a good product that is worth what you charge.

3.  Go the extra mile when you can or when it is necessary.  Sometimes it is that little extra something that makes you memorable.  

4.  Use a respectful tone in your communication, even when you don't want to.  Sometimes, yes, customers are wrong.  But, stay professional and treat them with respect.  Even if the transaction was not perfect, they will remember your manner.  Surprise them by being kind, even if they are communicating with frustration.

5.  Evolve.  Progress.  Grow.  Expand.

6.  Love your brand!  Be proud of what you have built.  Talk about it and show it off.

Peace, Love and Magnets!


Monday, January 21, 2013

New Giveaway via Facebook!

Visit the Stuck Together Magnets Facebook Fan Page and enter to win this cute set of glass magnets.  All you have to do is SHARE the pinned post and you are entered!   Be sure to let me know in the comments that you shared.  The winner will be announced on Sunday, January 27.

Enter HERE!  

Peace, Love and Magnets!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

New Honey Button Magnets

Stuck Together has introduced a new product line! Visit my Etsy shop to check out Honey Button Magnets. They are 1.25 inch button magnets in a great tin for easy gift giving. Stock up for the holidays!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Giveaway!

Welcome Spring with a magnet GIVEAWAY! I am giving away these colorful tree magnets to one lucky winner on Saturday, April 14. This set contains 6 one-inch circle magnets. They are colorful, fun and super strong!

* Open to residents of US and Canada only.

* Enter up to 11 times using the methods described below.

* Each entry needs to be a separate comment to this post (so I can keep track).

* Winner will be generated randomly on 4/14/2012.

* Winner will be contacted via email (or other method of your choice), so please remember to include contact info in your comments.

How to Enter:
Each of the following will grant you entry into the drawing for these owl magnets:

1. One entry - visit my Etsy shop and comment to this post with your favorite item.

2. One entry - Follow this blog and comment on this post letting me know you did.

2. One entry - Become a Fan of Stuck Together Magnets on Facebook and comment on this post letting me know you did.

3. One entry - Post a status about this giveaway on your own Facebook page and comment on this post letting me know you did.

4. Two entries - Tweet about this giveaway and post the link to the tweet.

5. Two entries - Blog about this giveaway and post a comment letting me know you did.

6. Two entries - Pin an item from my Etsy shop onto your Pinterest board and post a comment letting me know you did.

7. Two entries - Sign up for the Stuck Together mailing list via that little window that drops in on my blog or by emailing me at

So you can enter 12 times if you do all these things! Please remember to provide some kind of contact info so I can let you know you won. Good luck!

Peace, love and magnets!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just Keep Swimming... Swimming...Swimming

One of the most important things I have learned during my last two years with Stuck Together is this...

Just Keep Going!

It is my first line of advice to any Etsy newbie that I meet and my constant reminder to myself.

Even if you screw up, even if you are tired, even if you are uninspired, even if you feel overwhelmed, even if you don't want to. I have always just kept going and it is really starting to pay off. Stuck Together is changing my life. This has been one of the hardest and most rewarding undertakings and I am so grateful that I can live a creative life.

Now...back to work!

Peace, Love and Magnets!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Stuck on DIY Printables!

In my magnet making ventures, I have learned a bit about graphic design. I am learning more each day, but am using my new-found skills to create fun invitations for my Etsy shop, Stuck on DIY. I am having so much fun making these little invites! Here are a few that I have come up with so far. Always open to suggestions!