Monday, March 1, 2010

For the Love of the Logo

How important is a logo? What purpose does it serve? Where the heck do I get one? I found myself conflicted over the logo issue several weeks ago. Why can't I just get a cute banner and call it a day? Let me tell you why.... because that banner, while cute, represents nothing. Branding your image is all about identity creation. I found myself asking questions about my product, values, goals and ideal clients. The answers to those questions led me to the development of my Stuck Together identity. I want my brand to be FUN, lighthearted, bright and accessible with universal appeal.

The two "stuck together" bluebirds are the logo I had created to represent the identity I want to convey to my customers. I did a survey... absolutely everyone in the world loves fat bluebirds. Now this logo appears on everything I put out there. Soon, if my evil plan works, people will see my logo and recognize it and associate with my product.

Want a logo of your own? Find a graphic designer that can read your mind. Really. I put out an alchemy request with a description of what I wanted. I received countless bids of people trying to make my logo what they wanted it to be ("I can totally make this all sketchy and retro...blah blah blah"). One designer ( listened to what I wanted, worked with me on the colors and placement and POOF... fat bluebirds. I highly recommend the alchemy request for finding a graphic designer rather than searching listings for logo design. You can get exactly what you want and often times for less $$ than you would spend if you purchase a shop listing.

Once you have your logo, you will love it. You will look at it all the time and feel proud and productive and.... ready.


  1. I felt the same way stressing about my store name! Still not sure if I went with the right choice! But stuck together is adorable and the birds are too. Oh, and somehow you even made magnets cool!

  2. This is such a great blog post. I have been tyring to think of a logo from the time we started...So many ideas and so much to do...We just haven't gotten to it yet. Now that you mention alchemy...I just might try that! =) Your logo turned out beautifully (and your love for magnets isn't that strange)!